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Asset Integrity Management Systems

Our primary service is asset integrity maintenance of all sizes. We work with you to assess the ability

of the asset to perform its required function effectively and efficiently, but most importantly, safely.

Our solutions deliver the integrity required for the lifecycle of the asset.

We service local Gladstone, Wide Bay and Central Queensland regions.

DRY OR WET HIRE - Mobile Dustless Abrasive Blaster

DB500 Mobile Dustless Abrasive Blaster

High quality machine geared for greater ease of use and optimum performance. A modern eco friendly dustless sandblasting/abrasive blasting machine, for personal and environmental safety.

4 wheel electric braked trailer- well balanced trailer tows extremely well.
All additional parts and tools on board
2 x200 Litre water tanks and pneumatic pump on board
DB500 Blast Pot - over an hour work time before refill is required
80 hp 5 cyl Diesel John Deere powered Compressor- dedicated high pressure machine (Sullair 210H ) up to 150 psi continuous
Aftercooler installed for clean dry air

We only use dustless blasters. Why? 

  • Cost and time effective

  • No painting, striping, grinding

  • No warping or panel damage

  • Clean finish

  • Safe

  • Environmentally friendly 

  • Quality finish

Abrasive blasting

Consider us for any media blasting needs.

We use dustless blasting for personal and environmental safety.

Crane truck hire

Crane trucks are a great addition to a work site when you don't really need a full size crane. Easy to use and perfect for small to medium  loads.

We offer a wet or dry crane truck hire service, utilising a NPS 300 Isuzu.

Equipment hire

Hire the Dustless Blaster for your job.


At Fabrication Maintenance Australia we strongly stand behind our work.


​We pride ourselves in delivering an effective and efficient job as we consult with the client about their individual needs. We liaise with you before, during and after the job has been completed. With the use of our high quality equipment and commitment to getting the job done, ensures professional results are achieved.  With safety in mind, Fabrication Maintenance Australia will complete the job on time and to your satisfaction.




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We service local Gladstone, Wide Bay and Central Queensland regions.


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